Monday, September 11, 2006

S is for . . .

Stephanie (and The Sock)

here in Salt Lake City!

Yup. After months of badgering the owner of Black Sheep Wool Co, arrangements were made for Stephanie to add Salt Lake City to her current book tour. I had the life-altering pleasure to be included in the group of local knitters who showed her around town on Friday afternoon.

We started at Temple Square for a photo shoot with The Sock ( Stephanie took the photos so you’ll have to check her blog for the visual evidence.). The day started out cloudy and dreary, but as Stephanie and I walked down Main Street from her hotel toward Temple Square, the clouds broke up and the sun started to peek through the haze. Holy cow! She even has the power to improve the weather.

After Temple Square, we picked up Margene and Miriam then all four of us headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon for lunch at Silver Fork Lodge and a walk around Silver Lake (a/k/a "The Margene Treatment"). The lunch conversation was hilarious and nonstop.

The walk around Silver Lake involved the taking of many photos and a brief stop so The Sock could take in a little rock climbing. The ride down the Canyon was spectacular, especially since the leaves are beginning to change colour (did I spell that right, Steph?).

Photographic evidence of my nearness to Herself:

In the evening, Stephanie played to a packed audience at the Salt Lake Art Center and then signed books at Black Sheep Wool Co. well into the night even though she must have been exhausted. Heck, I know I was exhausted and she was doing all the work.

It was a fabulous experience. Come back any time, Stephanie!

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