Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Which I Ask A Favor Of You

Many of those who read my blog, also read Margene's blog. This week, Margene has abandoned her blog while she searches for the proverbial Golden Fleece at Rhinebeck. But zen master that she is, she made arrangements for two other Ewe-tah knitters to guest blog while she's away. Their compensation is a fibery goodie from Rhinebeck. That's the background, now I'm about to ask for the favor.

I kinda, sorta, maybe goaded Margene a bit about how many comments her guest bloggers will receive on their posts. In the spirit of a good wager, Margene agreed that the more comments her guest bloggers receive, the better their fibery goodie. And I'm all about forcing Margene to pony up goodies. So, please, hop over to Margene's blog and leave a comment to today's post which was written by the incomparable, yet sadly blogless, Val. I might add that the post is truly wonderful and very inspiring.

And while I'm acting all nervy and everything, if anyone knows how to sew together the shoulders of a sweater worked in 2x2 ribbing, can you help Sibylle out. Don't let the German blog fool you, she speaks English too. Thanks!

As the quid pro quo for all your help today, I promise that tomorrow I'll describe in full detail how I altered the Fetching pattern, not once but twice. Promise.

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