Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In Which I Reveal The Buttons I Chose For The Baby Sweater

Thanks for all the helpful input on the buttons for the baby sweater. I was 5 minutes away from sewing on the plastic/leather, old-man buttons when I decided to look in my button box. And, of course, I found something I'm pretty sure I like better.

Picture 271

Cute or what? Even better, the parents of the as-yet-unborn child for whom I knit this sweater met while serving in the Peace Corps in Africa. Brilliant.

My favorite is the back panther which I think I'll put at the neck unless one of you talks me out of it.

Picture 273

And kudos to those of you who guessed that I spent part of my Columbus Day holiday preparing my stash for a major destash. Here's some of the stuff I'm contemplating moving out:

Picture 269

Somehow, it seems like more in person. The first to go will probably be some mohair and two skeins of orange Cotton Ease that someone might like for a quick Halloween costume or a scary deer hunting project.

Picture 268

For someone who doesn't particularly like mohair, I seem to have an ungodly amount of it in my stash. I guess I like the idea of mohair, I've just never been able to make friends with it. If you're looking for some nice 100% mohair and a mohair/wool blend (there's no nylon or acrylic in my mohair), check the DeStash blog either today or tomorrow.

And, can I make a quick observation about destashing. Why is it that I have very little interest in any particular yarn until I decide to get rid of it? Seriously, I have been staring at the bags of yarn and the books for three days now and I can't stop thinking about all the projects I could make from them. I keep removing skeins from the bags and coming dangerously close to casting on. What's up with that?

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