Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Ever have one of those days that starts out crappy and gets progressively worse?

I was on track to have a day just like that until I arrived home and found a large box sitting on my porch. Turns out, it was from Stephanie, who revealed herself in the enclosed note as my pal in the International Scarf Exchange.

First, the scarf:

Picture 302

It's a gorgeous lace scarf knit from KidSilk Haze in a color that I like to claim as my own. Stephanie says my scarf was her first attempt at lace but I'm having a hard time believing that. Really, look how wonderful it is:

Picture 303

And if the fantastic scarf wasn't enough, the box was packed full of goodies.

Picture 306

If you click on the photo and then move your mouse over the photo that opens up in the new window, you can read a description of each item. But this goodie deserved a photo of its own:

Picture 304

Okay, Stephanie, you said you trolled my blog to learn more about me but I don't ever remember mentioning the little germaphobia non-problem. Who tipped you off???

Thanks so much for a beyond-wonderful package.

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