Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lather Up

Several people asked for a pattern to make the soap socks I posted about on Sunday. I can't really give you a "pattern" since the size of the soap sock depends entirely on the size of the bar of soap you'd like to cover. But I can tell you generally how to make one.

I used "Golfo" yarn, which is long-ago discontinued, worsted-weight cotton:

Picture 353

This yarn is nearly identical to Tahki Cotton Classic, so that would be a good subsitute.

For needles, I used 4.25mm (U.S. #6) Clover bamboo double-points.

Loosely cast on an even number of stitches and divide them over 3 or 4 dpns. The number of stitches you cast on will, quite obviously, determine the finished size of the soap sock. I suggest starting with anywhere from 24-30 stitches, depending on the size of the bar of soap. The finished soap sock should fit tightly over the soap so keep that in mind. But make sure to use a stretchy cast on or you won't get the soap into the sock. I used a double-start cast on.

Join into the round and don't even think about twisting those stitches.
Purl 1 rnd.
Then work the following two pattern rounds until the sock is about an inch longer than the bar of soap:

Rnd 1: Knit.
Rnd 2: *yo, k2tog; repeat from * to end of rnd.

End by working Rnd 1 (the knit rnd). You want the sock long enough to accomodate the tie but not so long that there's a huge, unattractive blob of knitted fabric at the top. If necessary, err on the side of knitting it too short and just stretching it more when you put the soap inside.

Divide the stitches evenly onto two dpns and Kitchener the bottom closed.
Then make a crochet chain long enough to thread through the eyelets at the top.

Picture 352

Insert the soap and add the tie.
Any questions? Or maybe I shouldn't ask that.


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