Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blame Marcia

The clever among you correctly guessed that my new wheel is a Kromski Sonata. Because I already own a perfectly nice wheel, I had no intention of purchasing a second until Marcia put the idea of a folding, travel wheel in my head. Then she had the nerve to entice me with the at-that-time-still-unavailable Sonata. So, I did what any fiber-lovin' soul would do, I ordered one sight unseen. It arrived last week.

I love it.

Picture 366

OK, so it's not quite a nice as my Schacht, but then again it was only half the price.

The best feature, besides the incredibly easy way it folds up, is that it treadles great. You can start the wheel rotating from a complete stop without a bit of effort.

Picture 367

And it seems to spin and ply great. I've managed to spin both a DK weight and, just for grins, a 2-ply that's more like thread than yarn.

Picture 373

No problems at all.


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