Monday, December 04, 2006

Moving Right Along

You may have noticed the dearth of FOs on this blog recently. Trust me, I've been knitting. It's just not anything I can show right now. But Friday was a watershed for me. I finished the two new sock designs for Knit Picks and mailed them off. Bye bye.

Between those and the two sock designs I did for Vogue and mailed off in November, I'm a little sick of knitting socks. Especially ones I can't keep.

So, this weekend I turned my attention to some of my Lonesome Skeins.

Picture 354

This hat is a Christmas gift for one of DD's friends. The colors are not something I'd wear, but she's convinced her friend will love it. The yarn, BTW, is Cotton Kureyon (70% cotton, 30% wool); long discontinued. I have 8 more skeins in my stash but this was the only one in this colorway. I can't even remember now what possessed me to purchase such a bright, crazy color. I must have intended to use it for some toddler stuff when my kids were little.

The pattern is a slight variation of this Noro hat pattern. I cast on 88 stitches instead of the 99 called for in the pattern and altered the decreases at the top. I made several of these hats last year and it's one of my favorite patterns. With the change I've made to the number of stitches, I can easily make the hat from just one skein of Kureyon or Silk Garden.

I've got two more weekend FOs to show, but I think I'll save them up for the rest of this weeks' posts.


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