Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Knitter

I thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful comments you left in the post about my new knitting student. He arrived right on time and 30 minutes later he was knitting the first round of a hat. Seriously. I think he's some kind of knitting prodigy or something. He thanked me profusely for teaching him and told me after he finishes this first hat he'd like to learn how to knit Norwegian mittens. Yikes! Can you say "overachiever." Just my kind of knitter.

My son, however, was a bit miffed because he and his friend went to the HS basketball game that night and the needles and yarn accompanied them. Apparently, the knitting attracted the attention of several HS girls (in a good way) so I told my son to just relax and take advantage of the situation.

My holiday knitting is done, over, finis. I finish nearly everything months in advance, but I always seem to eek out one last hat or scarf at the last minute.

Picture 380

Pattern: a variation of pattern in a Sabrina Special booklet sent to me by Tine
Yarn: Knit Picks Suri Dream in the Blueberry colorway
Needle: 7mm Addi Turbo
Finished Size: 8" wide x 62" long (not bad for just one ball of yarn)

I'm hoping it's dry by morning:

Picture 383

Oh, and I have one last fun project I forgot to blog about when I finished it:

Picture 379

How cute is that! The pattern was in a German lace-knitting booklet that Kadri sent me.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay safe if you're travelling!


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